OMG Photo Booth was born

We’ve been in the entertainment industry for over 18 years now organising many types of events. We realised that our clients always want something different and more exciting than what has been available traditionally. After 2 years of research we have specifically designed and manufactured our photo booths to meet the needs and expectations of our customers yet making the booths different from other booths available. OMG Photo Booth was born.

When we first took the booth out to functions for testing the first thing people always said was…..OMG This is Fantastic ….. So OMG Photo Booth was born.
Searching the market to see what photo booths where available we discovered that nearly every booth was like the ones you see at the Shopping Centres. They only fitted 2/3 people and they only took head shots. They also used 2-4 mega pixel web cameras and where really small and uncomfortable to get into.
We use only the highest quality of equipment available in our booths such as a Pro Canon DSLR with 18/28 mega pixels for that photo studio result. We also use dye sub printers that produce brilliant professional photo lab prints in less than 7 seconds and is instantly dry.

How does OMG Photo Booth work?

We will arrive and set up our booth before anyone else arrives at the venue. In the start of the night we’ll ask your DJ, Band or MC to inform guests that compliments of the organiser (eg: bride & groom) they can take unlimited FREE photos. We will provide you an OMG photo booth attendant to assist guests with the fun experience.

OK, operation is really simple. Your guest will come in front of the booth (they can see themselves on the live view wide touch screen) choose to take B & W, colour or vintage photos then press the start button. The booth will automatically take a sequence of shots and within seconds prints the photo out instantly. The guest will then keep one half of photo and stick the other in the bridal guest book. Depending on the package you choose – we will provide on the night a large leather bound dry mount photo album, crazy props and gold/silver pens for guests to write comments in the guest book in which you will take home that night with all the photos on a USB. In most cases we will also allocate a photo gallery with your name on our website so guests can view & download photos the next day. Doesn’t that sound fantastic.

Does size matter?

Forget about the traditional shopping centre photo booth that only fits 1 or 2 people with head shot photos only. We have created a photo booth that is intermit, stylish, sexy and lots of fun. We can fit 2 love birds to a football team of 20 people with full body shots. Whether you want the inside the curtain privacy to make crazy faces at the camera or you want to flaunt your stuff with style in a Pro Photo shoot – OMG Photo Booth can do it all. We’ve created this to put smiles on people’s faces……and it’s working.

We’ve created an open style booth so anyone can fit in it no matter if there tall, short, chubby, old, children or in a wheel chair. We designed it for everyone to enjoy. In fact customers can choose to have the traditional enclosed curtain photo booth style or the open photo booth style…..Now what company gives you that choice of option!

Let us make your night a great success

The most important thing you want to achieve when organising any event is you want people to have lots of fun during the night and have them talk about it later……It has to be successful in every way.

Photo booths have now become the “must have item” at weddings, birthdays, school debs and corporate events just to name a few. The photo booth is huge in America, Asia, England and other parts of the world and now Aussies can enjoy the experience at their function and take home the memories. Let us assist you in creating a fun experience with lasting memories for you and your valued guests.

OMG Photo Booth can go anywhere

Photo booth hire Melbourne that are available for hire are a one piece booth weighing between 400kgs to 700kgs. This means they are limited to where they can go and as you can imagine the operators need a truck to move them around. Guess, who pays for delivery, set up and pack up? Yes you the client.

We’ve created not only the most stylish easy to operate photo booth but also the lightest and guess what …..We can go onto Boat Cruisers, first level floors and practically anywhere a human can go. Our Photo Booths can be set up anywhere thanks to its easy setup, portability and state of the art flexible.