Adding that extra spark to your special event


Fireworks are magnificent and overwhelming and symbolize a happy event and your wedding is certainly a happy event. A wedding usually build up a lot of energy, happiness, enthusiasm and buzz and these hundreds of emotions are often expressed through an awe inspiring parade of eye catching fireworks.

Wedding Packages

At Omg Photo Booth we have a long list of firework packages available specially made to suit every budget and need, with firework packages starting from few dollars with nationwide service. Fireworks offered at this price - you’d be foolish not to have fireworks at your wedding ceremony.


At Omg Photo Booth, we offer wide range of low noise display. Today almost every venue is asking for ‘low noise firework displays’, which can either be with or without music. We understand the reason and therefore we are pleased to fulfil our customers need on his or her special day

Whatever your budget, we can create a intense, spectacular and unique display for you that will build an etched on your mind fireworks display to celebrate your special wedding day and also keep your wedding venue happy!

Using our high quality low noise fireworks such as display candles, gerbs, waterfalls and stunning multi shot barrages, we at Omg Photo Booth can create an extravagant fireworks display, without the need for crashes and loud bangs and filled with glowing and vibrant colours and extreme effects. Our low noise firework displays if truth be told are something special.


Today, the fireworks to music displays are getting mainstream attention and are more popular than ever, so we at Omg photo Booth created a wide range of firework packages to suit every budget and needs.

Whatever This is when we showcase an extravagant fireworks display that is completely choreographed to music using the hottest automated firing systems. This guarantees split second accuracy with the music and the fireworks working together to craft an eye catching display of fireworks.

You can pick anything from multiple soundtracks, to a single piece of music depending on the size and length of your fireworks. Our every set of package is tailored to your exact needs and requirements. Our firework service is utterly bespoke; we are fully capable of designing and fire the fireworks displays with music of your choice. All of our firework to music consist of professional sound system and sound speakers for the music of your choice to be played on.


If you are thinking how long a firework display lasts long, then it’s totally up to you and your budget. The longer the firework display the more expensive it will be. It is generally recommended to have a shorter firework display, since the guest loses interest after a time. A firework display of seven to twelve minutes might be enough to delight your guests without costing a fortune. With Omg Photo Booth you can be sure to have high-quality and extravagant display.