Photo Booths with music, touch screen & more!

OMG Photo Booth is the only company in Australia that has music coming out of the booth? Yes, that’s right not only photos but also Music Machine. There’s many advantages for this. At a wedding or any event usually guests will arrive and stand in the foyer doing nothing at start but then maybe pre-dinner drinks a nibbles are serviced about 30-45 min Later.

However, 99% of the time there is no music in the foyer or the reception area. This is where OMG photo booth comes in action and breaks the ice by welcoming guests to your reception with ambient music to set the scene for the night. In fact you can even customise the type of music you would like.

OMG Photo Booth Music is also great for small office or home parties where you don’t have a DJ or Band. In fact you can event advise us in advance what music you would like and we will prepare it FREE of charge and have your guests dancing all night long.

At OMG Photo Booth all our booth’s have very large Touch Screens. This is great because it’s all LIVE VIEW – Which means your guests can see themselves live as they pose in front of the camera and take that perfect shot.

OMG Photo Booth is also the only company that allows your guests to choose Color, B & W or Vintage photos on the spot!

Why can OMG Photo Booth do all of the above …… Because unlike others we spent a lot of time and money developing out customized software. Please ask us today more about this.